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Dear partners! We are pleased to offer you our new service "Crypto pawnshop DC"!

This service is a convenient tool for beginning crypto investors. It helps to avoid risks in the volatile and volatile cryptocurrency market and is a guaranteed preservation of your funds.

To learn more about this service, write to the online support of "Crypto pawnshop DC". The operator will provide you with the relevant information.


The essence of the presented direction is to open a Deposit on our service. Cryptocurrency holders have the opportunity to open a Deposit account by depositing a crypto currency asset Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and receive the equivalent of the invested amount of the crypto asset in rubles or dollars to the specified account. The minimum Deposit amount is an asset equal to 5000.00 (Five thousand rubles), after which a unique ID key is assigned to the Deposit (the key is assigned once and must be retained by the client during the term of the contract, the service is not responsible for the loss of the ID key). This key can be used both when paying the monthly fee and when returning the Deposit.

The term of the Deposit is specified by the client when making an application. Throughout the period, the volume of the crypto asset remains unchanged. The minimum Deposit term is 1 calendar month. The volume of the deposited crypto asset is stored for the time specified by the user. At the end of the agreed period, the owner of the Deposit returns the deposited funds in the same amount in which it was presented, returning the amount of the Deposit value plus 5 percent for the maintenance of the Deposit. The billing period is one month.

At the end of the agreed term of the Deposit, the client has the right to extend the content of the Deposit on the account of the service, specifying a new period (at least one calendar month).

The client who decides to use this service is solely responsible for the decision and all actions in the use of crypto pawnshop takes voluntarily, at his own decision.