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Our service is an independent company, we do not represent the interests of any payment systems and financial projects.

We provide only the exchange, input or output of a currency in demand.

All your operations on deposits in a particular financial project You take yourself. we are not responsible for the efficiency and financial viability of these projects.

Attention! By clicking the "accept" button, you confirm that the wallets of the sender and recipient belong to You.
Transfers to third parties are strictly prohibited!

I confirm that the money is my personal funds and declare that this payment is NOT a contribution to the pyramid scheme.
I confirm that the transaction is only related to real goods and / or services on the Internet.
I understand that the service is not responsible for the supply of services and goods by others.

Offer to conclude a user agreement on the use of the Site

The text of this Agreement is a public offer and offer to use this Site on the terms specified in the Agreement.

Acceptance of this offer is considered to be the implementation of a third party actions on the use of the Site.

1. List of terms.
Offer – this user agreement for the use of the Site.

User - a person using the Site.

Site – a platform for placing Ads, as well as a set of information, texts, graphics, design, images, photos and videos, a set of software and hardware used by the Site to process operations performed by Users on the Site.

Title signs – accounting units, gift certificates, or records in the databases of systems not prohibited by law.

Currency exchange-exchange of WebMoney Title signs among themselves.

Application-Ad created by the User.

The ad – taken by the Website from the User control order, expressing its intent for the listed conditions to produce exchange with the selected type and amount of title units.

Payment of the application – making a security Deposit by the User in order to ensure guarantees of performance of its obligations to other Users.

Counterparty-the User making an exchange on the counter request of another User.

Exchange service – the Board, allowing Users to freely post Announcements and share information, about these Ads, together.

All other terms and definitions found in the text of the Agreement shall be interpreted by the Parties in accordance with the legislation and the usual rules of interpretation of the relevant terms established on the Internet.

The titles of the headings (articles) of the Agreement are intended solely for the convenience of using the text of the Agreement and have no literal legal meaning.

Since the beginning of the use of the Site and/or registration on the Site, the terms of this Agreement are accepted and binding on the User.

NOTE: If You do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, do not use the Site and do not register on it.

2. Generalities.
2.1. The agreement regulates the procedure for providing Users with access to the Site, obtaining information about the applications placed and placing applications on the Site.

2.2. The site provides the User with access to the Site and the ability to use it. The user undertakes to use the Site in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

2.3. The agreement regulates the procedure for transactions through the Site, the procedure for placing applications, types of entrance, security and other contributions of Users, types of transactions and the procedure for their use of information on the Site.

3. Placing applications on the Website.
3.1. The site places Users ' requests for the exchange of title signs and ensures compliance with the equivalence of the exchange established by Users. Under zavoli on digital currency exchange refers to the offer of the User on the exchange of title units for User-defined conditions. To place an application, the User must select the exchange direction and fill out the form.

3.2. Operations of exchange of title signs are carried out on the basis of applications submitted by Users. The placement is the act of operating a Website with the purpose of the operation of the digital currency exchange on the terms specified in the order. The user can withdraw applications, as well as change their parameters.

3.3. Applications on the Site are placed on User-defined conditions for the exchange of rights to title signs with other Users. In this case, the Site, under no circumstances, is not a party to applications and exchange transactions between Users. Applications are executed directly between Users with the information support of the Site.

3.4. At any time, the user may have no more than one application for which no security Deposit has been made.

3.5. Applications queued and not withdrawn by Users are on the Site until such time as their execution takes place.

3.6. The User's application is placed on the Site after checking the availability of security and other contributions required for the execution of the application.

3.7. Interim payments are calculated in units. To enforce obligations placed order for exchange of title units of the Users for the duration of applications to translate the volume of title units in the amount equivalent to the volume of applications and the amount of security Deposit established by the Website.

3.8. The security Deposit is returned to the User in case of withdrawal of applications submitted by the User-in part, in the amount attributable to the withdrawn applications for which execution has not yet begun.

3.9. The site controls the ability of Users to place and execute applications and, thus, increases the trust of Users to each other and reduces the risk of non-fulfillment of obligations by the User on the placed applications. The site does not place an application if the security Deposit of the User is not sufficient for the execution of the placed application.

4. Execution of applications.
4.1. The application is executed, when the hosted application is placed a counter bid placed by another User with the relevant conditions of the application by the exchange type reverse orientation. At the same time, the placement of counter-orders by the Site is recognized by Users as acceptance of their applications. The application is recognized as executed from the date of posting a counter-application Site.

4.2. The application can be executed in part. In this case, the Site will put up a new application in the amount of the outstanding balance of the originally placed application.

4.3. When viewing applications, the User independently decides on the acceptability of the terms of exchange and the beginning of the execution of the operation. To perform the operation on the selected application, the User, in accordance with the interfaces of the Site, places a counter-application with the conditions satisfying the selected one. The exchange operation is considered to be started at the time of placement of the counter request by the User. In this case, the volume available for exchange in the submitted application is reduced by the volume of the transaction. The amount of volume in the counter request is reduced by the volume of the transaction. If the outstanding balance thus obtained is zero, the overlapping counter-order is removed from the queue as executed. When the Site receives confirmation of the completion of the exchange, the application is considered fulfilled.

4.4. Settlements on applications and exchange transactions made through the Site operate on the principle of full pre-Deposit of the entire volume of title signs offered for exchange and security contributions in the amounts established by the Site.

4.5. The exchange of title characters is made directly between Users on the terms defined in the posted applications.

4.6. Execution of applications takes place by transferring to the account of Users, due to them the title characters specified in the counter applications. The transfer of title characters is made by the Site automatically. In this case, the actions of the Site are considered to be committed on behalf of Users.

4.7. The site may establish the procedure for placing applications, types of entrance, security and other contributions of Users, types of transactions and the order of their conduct on the Site.

4.8. The user is obliged to pass the procedure of identification and verification established by the site Or third parties (aggregators of payments, credit and other organizations), and to comply with other requirements of the legislation in the field of anti-laundering (legalization) of proceeds of crime.

5. Risk warning.
5.1. The user guarantees that he knows the tariffs and the basic principles of the title signs, banking and payment systems and he has the opportunity to make transactions with them.

5.2. The user understands that the Site places applications on the basis of which the exchange of title characters is made, and that the terms of applications are set by the Users themselves. The site does not affect the applications placed and selected by Users. The user bears all economic risks associated with the placement and selection of a particular application.

5.3. The user understands that the Site is not related to transactions and/or transactions with title signs, but only provides a platform for placing applications by users of the Site. At the same time, the Site uses all available methods in its dispute to ensure the safety of Users from the risks of possible fraud/fraud on the part of other users of the Site.

5.4. The user understands that any operations with title signs are irreversible and return of title signs, on executed applications, is impossible.

6. Rights and obligations of the Parties.
6.1. The user has the right to:

6.1.2. Receive information about applications placed by the User.

6.1.3. In accordance with the terms of the Agreement, place applications on the Site.

6.1.4. Receive payments on their applications.